Turbo disperser - The Ultimate High Speed Twin Shaft Disperser

The Turbo disperser is a high-speed multi or Twin shaft disperser that is designed and developed specifically for the mixing and dispersal of powders and liquid substances. It performs and homogenizes the role of mixing and dissemination. It is very useful for combining solids with fine powders. The turbo disperser at appropriate input speeds does all of this. The double spreader comes in various models, functionality, and specifications, and is most commonly used in industrial processes. It is used in the production of oils, sticks, composites, plastics, paints, inks and other things.

This High Speed Disperser can mix natural fluid such as air and viscous liquid up to 25000 CP in addition to the above. The twin shaft disperser can also be about 80% powerful. It is used in the processing and mixing of thick viscous fluids such as adhesives, paints, lacquers, ink printing, polymers, coating, resins and the like.This comes with the option of a closed-loop where the powder can be moved to the dispenser below the liquid surface. It allows the whole mixing and dispersion cycle to be done without delay.

Coaxial Twin Shaft Disperser having low-speed Gate type Stirrer with Teflon Blade scrapper for scrapping product stuck on inside vessel body and pushing the same towards the center and High Speed Stirrer to mix, disperse and homogenize the Emulsion at variable desired RPM. In a radial flow pattern, the contents of the vessel are mixed. The speed of the turbo blades forms a vortex that collects all the contents from all over the ship and sends them to the sharp ends of the blade to break up solid substances into the desired mixture.

The turbo High Speed Disperser's blades are quite sharp and can split into the solids and reduce the solids ' overall size. During the process, the solids broken down are then distributed into the liquid medium. The water contained in the twin shaft disperser vessel serves as a fluid containing the solids that are broken down and distributed within it.

Turbo disperser is used both in food and dairy production. It is also used widely in the juice industry. High-speed dispersers can be used to prepare fortified milk and juices. A major pizza sauce suppliers are using a Twin Shaft Turbo disperser to mix large volumes of tomato paste with water, salt, and spices. The Turbo disperser's advanced mixing process makes it ideal for soups.

The key to success is to blend butter and cheese until a smooth, lump-free, fluffy consistency is obtained without splitting the butter, overbeating the cream cheese or overheating the mixture. For chocolates, candy and other confectionery manufacturers, the Turbo disperser is a new choice. Previously, this extremely viscous formulation was made using ordinary Dispersers. Nevertheless, in the finished product, gum dispersion may be ineffective, leading to bubbles and lumps. These gums can be properly dispersed with the Turbo disperser, producing better quality homogenous mixtures.

A traditional disperser obviously can not reach the same dispersion rate nor can it accommodate this difficult process of mixing. The Ultimate High Speed Twin Shaft Disperser is a great alternative to high-pressure homogenizers when it comes to making fine food emulsions such as mayonnaise, mustard sauce, peanut butter, ketchup, etc.