Ribbon blenders

A ribbon blender or a ribbon mixer is a device that is used to mix large quantities of materials and find applications across multiple industries. It is widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, animal feed processing, pigments, cosmetics, fertilizers and insecticide manufacturing. The name for the blenders is derived from the ribbon shaped metal mixers which are present and perform the blending function within the blender.

Most of the ribbon blenders have an engine to provide power and a large trough which holds the material along with the ribboned agitator that mixes and blends the material properly. The agitator of the ribbon blender has metal ribbons which are generally in a double helix design and are angled in such a way that they can continuously move the material in the unit.

Uses and Benefits of Ribbon Blender:

  1. They are used to mix large quantities of materials, both wet and dry.
  2. It can be used to mix cereals, cocoa, cake mixes, pet food etc.
  3. Used largely in food stalls and bakeries to mix large amounts of food easily and quickly.

There are three types of ribbon blender designs:

  1. Paddle or Ribbon Agitator
  2. Double Ribbon
  3. Paddle-only agitator

All three varieties of ribbon blenders have different features; however, they perform the same function. But when are talking about bulk solids and powders there are certain substances that cannot be blended properly with a ribbon blender. What you should understand is that when the ingredients are similar in size, shape and density, mixing and blending is much easier and faster. But when the size, shape and density of the materials added in the ribbon mixer varies, it can slow down the process quite a bit.

How does Ribbon Blender Machine work?

A ribbon blender mixes the free-flowing ingredients in a trough which is U-shaped. It consists of a horizontal agitator hat consists of a precisely pitched inner ribbon and outer ribbon that can move the materials within the device in a proper axial and radial flow pattern. Ribbon blender manufacturers make use of controlled clearances between the surfaces of the trough and the agitator tips to ensure fast mixing, low maintenance, easy cleanup and long life of the equipment.

Standard Duty vs Heavy Duty:
Before approaching vendors and manufacturers about the pricing of a ribbon blender in India, make sure to verify the product’s bulk density. Blender models are generally assigned volume capacities and therefore, the batch volume defines what the size of the blender would be and not its weight. The bulk density also defines what will be horsepower and if the model is a standard duty or a heavy-duty device. It is best if you go for the heavy-duty model if the materials you are using are denser.

It is also important that you take into consideration if you require a belt drive or a direct drive for your blender mixer machine. Also, make sure to check the right discharge valve according to your application of the blender.

This might seem confusing, especially if you are not aware of such terms. Get in touch with Stalwart International, one of the premium ribbon blender mixer manufacturers in India to get the best ribbon blender for you.

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Ribbon blender mixer manufacturer in Vadodara

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Industrial Ribbon Blender Manufacturer & Supplier

The industrial ribbon blender is an effective and multipurpose mixing machine for mixing dry powders & grains regularly. The ribbon blender is composed of U-shaped horizontal mixing barrel, due to the special structure design, the mixing can be more uniform.

Industrial Ribbon Mixer Application

Food and pharmaceutical industry: flavor, spices, seasonings, flour, milk powder, coffee, bakery powder, protein powder, medical intermediate products, etc.

Chemical industry: fertilizers, feed, fodder, pesticides, putty powder, gypsum powder, dry mortar, dry cement, dye, reactive dyes, putty, anticrack mud, etc.

Ribbon mixer

The ribbon mixer is designed with double mixing ribbon. During mixing, the twin belt can mix the powder in convective, inner and outer direction, up and down to achieve uniform powder in a short time. The "air leak proof device" is patented in design to prevent dust contamination. According to the particular powder, the heating system, liquid spray system and high-speed chopper can be installed in the mixer to meet special mixing requirements.

Our ribbon blenders are made from high-quality materials and designed to consistently deliver the highest level of performance.


Product quality is of the utmost importance in the food sector. Our range of ribbon mixers allows you to:

  • Ensure the homogeneity and quality of the product
  • Obtain a finished product
  • Incorporate secondary ingredients



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